Why Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Facilities in Central Florida?Monday, June 14 2010

Tim Nissen, Florida Business Continuity Center (

The encompassing answer: location. Particularly one within convenient proximity to current working and living locations of all involved in an emergency evacuation.

That’s what we’ve heard from organizations operating throughout Florida – their sentiment relating to their need (and desire) for full service alternate workforce recovery facilities safe from their local destruction, but close enough for short travel to reunite them with their livelihood, and loved ones.

When asked their ideal temporary office relocation scenario, responses were understandably universal. Proximity with multiple roadway accessibility options, safety, security, ample workstations with fiber connections for voice and data, rack and suite server co-location options, on-site technical support, robust backup generation, affordable geo-diverse and dedicated contract options, accessible testing opportunities and personal comfort during their temporary exile made everyone’s list.

They understood the dangers wind, water and fire present to ongoing operations of their businesses. Is Central Florida the location solution? The region’s location at 168 feet above sea level, outside both the 500-year Flood Zone X and maximum wind-borne-debris areas associated with land-falling hurricanes makes an impacting case for yes. A secure inland location for temporary staff relocation for continuity of business operations suits disaster recovery plans of Florida-operating businesses well.

One of the thankfully few drawbacks of living and working in Florida, from June through November, weather forecasts are watched with an eye on ‘what if.’ The threat of a hurricane triggers action to test the disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Even a near miss may cause flooding, power outages and loss of network and Internet connections. Including alternate workforce recovery facilities in the plan is imperative, considering a Central Florida location seems prudent.