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Co-Location for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

By Jay Dugan

I live and work in Florida, so I am well aware that hurricane season is just around the corner. From June through November, we Floridians watch the weather forecasts with particular interest. There is nothing like the threat of a hurricane to test the best disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Even a near miss can cause flooding, power outages and loss of network and Internet connections.

One important DR/BC plan component to consider is co-location. Once, this strategy was considered only by large corporations because of the expense involved. Today, thanks to virtual server environments, new data replication technologies and cheaper bandwidth, this strategy is available to SMEs with business continuity and critical data protection needs.

I recently toured the facilities of the Florida Business Continuity Center in Winter Haven, Florida. Winter Haven is located in the middle of the state. The Center sits 168 feet above sea level and is well outside the 500 year flood zone. The facility is a former GTE regional transport core switch. Verizon still has a presence along with several other carriers. Copper and fiber trunk lines from Orlando, Tampa and Miami intersect here making it a robust telecom and Internet connection point. The building was over built in size and structure, able to withstand storm force winds and with a generating capacity to light a small city. Facilities exist within from rack space, add your own server, to fully managed co-lo and hosting options. They will even build out a private server room suite, if required.

Whether you are dusting off an existing DR/BC plan or constructing a new one, you should look at what is available in co-location facilities to keep your business operating even during a disaster.